February 10, 2011

Fun activities to come!

I'm already in weekend mode. In the next three days I will be:
exploring exhibitions, chatting with friends, photographing,
cooking, drinking, and eating. What's your plan?

(no sewing involved this time, phew! :P)


  1. wow i want your weekend! ... oh wait - mine's almost the same except no exhibitions! (plus it has swimming and limping of course!)

  2. cool pic! makes me want to revisit my sewing days. i am a true-blue gemini and just found your site today. yay!

  3. Hi Lucy, glad you stopped by! I hope you'll be back :) (it ain't easy being a Gemini, right? hahah)

  4. ah! i just ordered some pretty thread! this makes me so excited to get it ;)

  5. I know, all those colors are so inviting! :)


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