April 24, 2011

Easter silliness to celebrate 7 months and 4500 views!

 YUP, today UpGemini is 7 months old and 4500 views strong! YAY

Also, today I went to the New York city Easter Parade 
HAHAHAH That was FUN, fun like this...
someone is being silly, don't you think? 
I love them! Can they be my best friends, pretty please??? :D
(more photos from the parade soon)


  1. CONGRATS!!!!! true gemini perserverance (hihihihi)

    these people are fantastic!!

  2. Thanks! We Gemini's are all about constancy and insistence! Anyone knows :D

  3. It's the cutest bunny-couple ever! Awesomely spotted! Very very silly! I want more photos!!!!!!
    PS. I removed the previous comment because I realized I did 4 typing errors and I felt ignorant ;)


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