June 5, 2011

Dead Horse Bay I

Finally I made it to Dead Horse Bay... only because Silvia dragged me there!
The place is a creepy, decadent wonderland made of horse bones (would you have ever guessed...), bottles, ceramics and old toys. What once used to be a city dumpster is now a treasure island for photographers and scavenger hunters. That was real fun, thank you Silvia! :)

 in the picture above there is part of my booty OHHHHHH


  1. It's at the end of the world! eheheh....it was a perfect day...to get sunburn ;)
    I can't wait to go again! Dead Horse Bay is a sort of Treasure Island! Great adventure!

  2. I confirm: end of the world, end of a perilous path... perfect spot to get sunburn, O U C H! :P
    Yes, Great Adventure! :)

  3. I hope you two were wearing boots! stunning place and pictures.

  4. oh well, not quite... but next time we will! :D

  5. This is one of my favorite places so far on earth. Absolutely ADORE it, even if it really is just sea trash to most people. Such beautiful sea glass, artifacts, and strange delights.


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