August 20, 2011

Cupcake & scissors photobooth

Maybe it's the heat, but I thought you might enjoy this photobooth...

don't you love Silvia's wig? :)


  1. Alquanto inquietante! Mi piace l'ocio sifolino che sbuca tra le scissors :D :D

  2. silvia in the wig looks like she should be wearing a nice 50's apron and dishing up huge bowls of pasta!!!!!
    (sorry for the stereotype - you can call me a kangaroo if you like...although koala would be more accurate)

  3. ahahaah....well....the stereotype is accurate beside the red hair....blondies are more common than anyone could think in Italy, but a ginger casalinga is quite an odd stereotype! I think I can see the koala in you,'s the most Italian-take-it-easy animal from Australia, isn't he?

  4. hahaha koalas are take-it-easy because blissed-out on chewing eucalyptus leaves!! (don't really fancy them myself!!!)
    i probably do also look more like a koala than a 'roo (except for the sitting-in-trees part)
    thank you for the "Italian" compliment! :)

  5. I think she just looks crazy... and that's why I like this photobooth :D


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