November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving parade balloon inflation

It's always fun to be walking around the balloons, instead of watching them go by.
The parade preview takes place every year on Thanksgiving's eve (3-10PM) on the Upper West side
(between 77th and 81st Streets and Columbus Ave and Central Park West).

Snoopy was so tired tonight. He should rest, indeed, because tomorrow he'll have a long long day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Coool! I am watching the parade now and I was wondering if I would have spotted you ;)
    Snoopy seemed well rested fortunately!
    Great shots (also the tanto aril says so!)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Nico!

  2. I meant fantomatik , the IPhone is correcting anything strange I write, damn!

  3. I just thought you had too many drinks... hehehe
    enjoy the food-orgy and say hi to the fantomatik aka tanto aril! ihihihihih and his family


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