December 6, 2011

Entering Christmas mode

This year I am having troubles feeling the Xmas atmosphere.
It might be the incredibly hot temperature (hello, global warming), it might be Mercury up there (...).
Anyway, this is very unusually Scrooge-y of me!

This has to come to an end! UpGemini is officially entering Xmas mode :D

And look what I have made yesterday!
I went to this Etsy Lab in Brooklyn, and had one of the best times ever!
Simplicity crew, Michelle if I remember well (sorry, a bit spacy lately :D), demonstrated how to use the Needlefelting machine!!! 
It looks like a sewing machine... but it is not (with my great delight)! It is much easier and funner to use! You layer and layer fabric, felt, lace etc and the crazy needles turn it into felt!

I made more, I'll show you next time.


  1. wow, what a fun thing to play with :)

  2. YES, as Silvia pointed out... a sort of voodoo machine! hahahaha


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