December 30, 2011

Pirate attacking the piñata

Part creepy, part therapeutic.

On my defense, this was a Festivus* party. 
We also had the Airing of Grievances**...not sure I liked that part or not! :D

* a non-religious, non-commercial holiday, celebrated on Dec 23rd. Conceived by Dan O'Keef, a writer, it gained its popularity for being featured in a Seinfeld episode in the late 90's. Its highlights are: a pole instead of the Christmas tree (too bad it was not a pole for dancing heheh); a simple dinner - we had meatloaf, spinach and mashed potatoes, which I love anyway; the Feats of Strength, see self-explanatory photo above; and the Airing of Grievances**, where participants complain about each others or about the world in general.

If you are still reading this post, just want you to know... I admire you! :)


  1. what funny people they are!!! (btw i read all the post)

  2. funny, yes :)
    so you read the whole post, eh?... well, next week there will be a giveaway (as promised a long time ago), stay tuned and be a diligent reader! :P


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