February 20, 2012

UpGemini featured photographer on OneNewsLive

It is with pride and with a great deal of emotion that I share this link with you!

This is what Mr. Eric wrote in his article on OneNewsLive.com
"Even though Whitney Houston’s funeral was an exclusive and invitation-only event, that didn’t stop hordes of fans and news crews from making the tribute pilgrimage towards the Newark, NJ neighborhood where the service was taking place. Some congregated in the public spectator areas with binoculars in hand. Others came together at local places of business to watch the service unfold on television.
OneNews user, “UpGemini” was on hand at a burger joint just outside the police-restricted funeral area -- a vantage point from which she was able to document some unique details of the day.
Here is the conversation I had with her..."

Click here to read the whole interview.

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