April 2, 2012

World Party Day musts

A party is not a party without...

cocktails and appetizers



music and disco balls!

The amazing people at BIG THINGS, The Adventure School and Kitiya Palaskas partnered to throw the ultimate synchronized world-wide celebration for WORLD PARTY DAY on April 3 2012! Visit their websites for tutorials, DIY party ideas and more fun stuff! I really wanted to make a How-to pinata tutorial... but that did not happen. Anyway, I am ready to party, are you?

PS in the second photo, 'strangers' an installation-performance by Amalia Pica

1 comment:

  1. OK, i have looked ... and no party around here :)

    however, i am happy to share in yours (especially foto #1) ...ready for the private jet :) ...SI?


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