May 15, 2013

Paris, Le Pas Sage... the unwise

During my Parisian gateway, I found a lovely gem I'd like to share with you. The place is called Le Pas Sage, which means the unwise and is a pun on the word "passage couvert" (covered passage) as the restaurant is located in the famous Passage du Grand-Cerf (2nd arr.). The room is long and narrow with plenty of window seats for some people watching and offers a pretty interesting menu. I had a divine asparagus soup with poached eggs and surprise toppings, as well as a revisited version of a tart tatin. For extra entertainment I sat in front of the counter, with a colorful flower shop on the one side and a stunning fish in a cocktail bowl on the other side. If you're planning a trip to Paris, don't miss this place! 
PS the fish didn't have a name yet... if you find out, please tell me! :) 

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