January 27, 2012

How to cheer up a Gemini - 101

You have been asking this and I know that it is not easy to deal with a Gemini in grumpy, hopeless, drama-queen mode. Hey, I'm an expert, I have done this many times... being in distress, I mean ;) So, this is my simple recipe, my first-aid kit. More will follow.

1. A friend, like Silvia! No solitude allowed, you know that your mind will drive you crazy, so stop listening to it. Drive a friend crazy, instead!  2. Go Out! Don't sit down with your misery, but head to an interesting place nearby; a place that you would normally find entertaining. Normally, 'cause at the moment you are enjoying too much bitching and sobbing, aren't you?  3. Do something fun, but most of all just Do!  4. Immerse yourself in art! The sillier, wilder, crazier the better.  5. Eat something delicious. Food is always a good remedy, isn't? But don't stuff yourself... moderation?!? I Know!

Give it a try it and let me know if it works. I will share other variations with you. And hey, don't forget my giveaway, four days left!


  1. This post is superb! Ahhhhh, finally some upgemini fresh air!!!
    I feel I could follow all the tips but #1....I definitely could not hang out too long with Silvia, really! She would drive me nuts!
    P.S. I am not a Gemini by the way

  2. yess!! up up and awaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!

  3. And who do you have to thank (or blame?) for #1?!? ;)

  4. @silviastuff, trust me on #1, she can talk (!!!) your way out of the gloom AND she's a gourmand too, which goes with #5! ;)
    @sue, SIIII
    @jules, YOU, of course! and notice, I am keeping it vague... :D


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