January 29, 2012

Monday trivia NYC

Guess where I have been... look carefully (THE HAT)! Tomorrow you will find out, bedtime for me now.


  1. year of the dragon :) :) ....this time, is there a PRIZE???

  2. Chinese new year's parade! That old guy always joins all NY parades. I have pics of him from last year's Chinese new year's parade and from last mermaid parade. He always shows up with his poodle! ;)

  3. @sue, NO! :D I mean, yes it is the year of the dragon, but no prize... however, you can still win the zine! ;)
    @silvia, that's right! I forgot all about him, but that's the guy and the event. (I haven't seen the poodle, maybe it got stepped on by a dragon?!? heheheh)

    1. Possible...I noticed that they looked the same age....maybe it was just time ;)


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