June 2, 2014

Fortune cookie camera, in front of you

That was easy... if only I knew!

(performance @ Venice Art Biennial 2013)

[... and yes, I'm still alive ;) ]

February 9, 2014

Fortune cookie camera, new interests

Apparently so, it is about time! ;)
(In the background the Arena, the Roman amphitheater in Verona!)

January 29, 2014

Fortune cookie camera, thin line...

Wait, which line? The railing, the bridge... sounds dangerous!

January 19, 2014

The window

Just windows, with pretty curtains. In which apartment would you live? I'd go for the pink one.
But I can't help thinking of Fiona Apple's song,  
So I had to break the window
It just had to be
Better that I break the window
Than miss what I should see...

December 18, 2013

RGB People Profile

I'm back! I know, awfully absent this year... Anyway, from my archive two photos I thought you might like.

Color block silhouettes from the city that never sleeps.
Are you having a good pre-Xmas week?

November 1, 2013

How to cheer a Gemini up 4 - some favorites

I have realized MANY people have been searching terms such as "cheer up Gemini", "how to cheer my Gemini friend up?" "cheer up a gemini girl" and so on, lately.
Being a Gemini AND finding myself in an emotional WTF moment, I can tell you what cheers me up! Here is a list of favorites:

Great photos for great recipes with a pinch of curses seasoned to taste at Thugh Kitchen! Couldn't ask for more more! ;)

Nerd sarcasm at xkcd.com, as the author states: A webcomic of romance,
sarcasm, math, and language
. Aren't you already laughing? a bit?

And about sarcasm and disappointments, how not to empathize and crack a smile with Darcel Disappoints?!

You got it? Force a smile, better if with a drink and a dish before you, but, most important, keep your Gemini friend company, we hate being alone! See ya (soon? can't promise that).

September 8, 2013

Romance in Venice

There's something in the air... this September feels like spring, doesn't it? ;)

August 30, 2013

Asaf Avidan in concert

I still have goose bumps, never heard such an emotional voice. And I've appreciated the sounds, contaminated by so many Mediterranean influences... as a friend of mine pointed out (OK fine, you were right).

August 17, 2013

Beams of light

Cutting through buildings, highlighting fragments of life. 
Have a good weekend, folks!

August 8, 2013

Where did everyone go?

The city is empty, feeling like Regina Spector, need parades, protests, anything to mingle among strangers.
Or at least give me a watermelon Popsicle and an iced beer.

July 28, 2013

Patches of colors

Just popping in to say hi. I've been on the loose lately, haven't I? Sorry about that!
I hope you're having a good weekend and will try to come back to regular blogging soon.

July 13, 2013

Toy and candy machines

That kind of summer day, filled with laziness and guilty pleasures. Tomorrow I'm heading to the beach, looking forward to: fresh coconut, shakerato coffee, sand between my toes, sticky sunscreen cream, comic books, ice cream... and a little tan, why not!

July 2, 2013

Ingredients of a good weekend, with recipes

Top, ingredients to make cheese & mint brownies; bottom, to prepare salmon panna cotta. I told you I would have shared the recipes and here I am, but must admit... something went wrong with the cake. And it's totally me, not the recipe! In fact, check the original source, doesn't it look delicious and great?! Mine was pretty... but tasted funny, how embarrassing is that? While the panna cotta was a hit, idiot-proof, apparently! ;)

Anyway, salmon panna cotta, serves 6-8:

3 gelatine leaves
340 g salmon
1 bunch of chive
600 ml sour cream
salt and pepper

Soften the gelatine leaves in cold water. In the meantime, mince the salmon and the chive. Pour the sour cream in a pot, add salmon, half of the chive. Salt and pepper to taste. Bring to boil and let simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from stove and add the gelatine, stirring till the gelatin melts. Divide the mix into 6-8 glasses and let cool in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Before serving, garnish with chive and small pieces of salmon.

June 27, 2013

Venice Art Night exhibitions

Pia MyrvoLD - The Metamorphoses of the virtual @ Officina delle Zattere


and this is just a quick preview of the contemporary art overload that is going on in Venice this year!
Of my, my heart is jumping out of my chest in delight!

June 24, 2013

Venice from day to night

Weekend in Venice for the Art Night 2013.
The closing event was a live, audiovisual performance by Masbedo & Marlene Kuntz. Honestly, not my thing, but I enjoyed every single minute of the night anyway! See Art Night Venice 2012 here and more about contemporary art in Venice soon. 

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